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HBPB Child Protection Policy and Police Vetting


HBPB Swimming has adopted and abides by the SNZ Member Protection Policy Manual. 

The SNZ Member Protection Policy Manual outlines to swimmers, parents, caregivers, volunteers, supporters and others their obligations to prevent and address discrimination, harrassment and any other form of inappropriate behaviour and to protect members from harm and abuse. HBPB Swimming is committed to assisting our sport to continuously work towards maintaining ethical and informed decision making and responsible behaviours that promote inclusive, safe and fair sport.

The manual also outlines the rights and responsibilities of all members in the varied roles they play in delivering and participating in swimming in the HBPB Swimming region. The purpose is to ensure that everyone involved in swimming in the region be they swimmers, parents/guardians, coaches, technical officials. team managers, committee members or volunteers, have a positive experience through their involvement in swimming.

The SNZ Member Protection Policy Manual stands alongside the HBPB Swimming Constitution. Both documents apply to everyone involved in this region's swimming activities whether they are in a paid, unpaid or voluntary capacity and this includes swimmers and spectators.



In order to ensure the ongoing safety of our young athletes, HBPB Swimming requires all member clubs to undertake Police Vetting for any of its members either Coaching (volunteer or paid) or Team Managing on away trips/camps, as well as any others that have responsibility over children or vulnerable people. In addition all officials are to be Police Vetted (as of 1 December 2021). 

Information on the Police Vetting Process can be found here.