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HBPB AOD Useful Hints



Prior to the Meet

  • Those on the computer send down the events to the AOD They won’t be there until this is done, and the AOD is shut down and started up again.

  • Check it is the correct meet but editing event and looking to see that the stroke and distance matches the flyer.

  • Prior to the session starting Edit Event to 99 and Heat 1 – this means testing of the starter etc can occur and you won’t get times in the actual meet events. Remember to edit back to the actual event.

Using The AOD during the Meet

  • Shut off empty lanes. While this is not absolutely essential it means that the AOD does not think that there are still swimmers to complete the race, when the swim is finished. Don’t worry if you forget to do this. Just Accept Reset when asked.

  • Have a programme next to you. There are two very important things to do here.

    • Put a line through the names of swimmers that show on the programme, but are not in the pool. This helps as it provides a double check for the person on the computer when there is a swimmer in a heat but no time comes through.

    • Write the report number on the programme. This is crucial as if things get mixed up it is easy to go in and find the times that relate to a particular heat by report number. Don’t be fooled that it will always be sequential! While it usually is, if there is a starter test, or something else happens, report numbers may not be sequential.

  • Watch the AOD to see that each touch is being recorded. When there are either problems with the touch pad connections, or when swimmers don’t touch hard enough, the touch may not be recorded. If it is not “+ Touch” the appropriate lane. If you do this by mistake, just “- Touch the lane”. There is also the option to “Finish Arm” at the end of the race if the touch is not recognised.

  • Basic Instructions (Doing it in a different order may mean that back up times are not taken when required)

    • Store Print

    • 2 Finger Reset

    • AOD will Print

    • Next Heat or Next Event

If Back Up Times are Required do the following after the 2 Finger Reset

  • Use Import Data (OK on all the lanes that require Back Up data)

    • OK to Print

    • Next Heat or Next Event


  • There is a correct procedure for Shutting Down the AOD to follow. This is on the top of the AOD.

Additional Notes

  • Remember that the AOD is purely a big storage device for times. Don’t worry about what is happening on the computer. If there are issues there just carry on storing data on the AOD.

  • As long as you push “Store” the data (times) will be there. Don’t worry if print outs don’t occur for some reason. You can always go into Stored Data and enter the Event and Heat No to see and print that data again.

Quit -      Find Race – Print Race Summary etc – Quit Out and Turn Display back on

  • Data only remains on the AOD while it is turned on. Once it is turned off the data will not be available to you to see again. Don’t turn off AOD until the computer has imported all the times for the session.

  • Try not to get caught up watching the swimming! This is when things go wrong.

  • Almost everything is correctible. Don’t panic, as this is when mistakes happen.